Our team is strongly engaged in promoting scientific awareness in the community. Every year, we organize and participate in different outreach activities for children, adolescents and seniors. Everyone is welcome to visit us!

These initiatives include interactive seminars in schools, experimental activities at ICVS laboratories, exhibitions, guided tours to the research facilities at the university and Hospital and scientific seminars.

Some events that we organize on a yearly basis:

  • International Brain Awareness Week – thematic week dedicated to disseminate the latest scientific advances in the neuroscience field.

  • Summer in the Campus – In this activity, adolescents spend a week at the laboratories performing a biomedical research experiment.

  • Scientist/Doctor for a day – This activity allows students to follow physicians or scientists for one day in their research environment and learn about their daily activities and habits.

  • Knowledge Meeting – an initiative focused on the elderly population of the region, which includes dances, theatre and arts.

“It is part of our mission to interact with the community, to raise scientific awareness and to promote scientific literacy. The curiosity in people’s eyes is so fulfilling (…) and it is wonderful when you feel you made a difference in someone’s future career choice.”

Ana João Rodrigues

All rights reserved. Photos by João Dias, ICVS